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In the heart of the Philippines’ rich cultural tapestry lies a tradition deeply rooted in the nation’s heritage: Sabong, the thrilling sport of cockfighting. Sabong International, a brand that stands as a testament to the Philippines’ national culture and tradition in the world of sabong, proudly offers an online platform where you can participate in cockfighting competitions and place your bets.

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Sabong International: Where Tradition Meets Technology

Sabong International is not just a brand; it represents the essence of a national culture and tradition. Its mission is to bring the skill and joy of this sport to a wider community, providing an online platform where you can engage in sabong from anywhere in the world. No longer do you need to visit physical sabungan arenas because Sabong International brings the action to your fingertips. Simply register on our website, verify your account, and you’re ready to get started.

Exciting Cockfighting Matches

At Sabong International, we showcase the best cockfighting matches from various regions of the Philippines. You can witness heated competitions, clashes of high-caliber roosters, and immerse yourself in thrilling experiences. Using our user-friendly platform, you can place bets and follow real-time results.

Safe and Responsible Gambling

At Sabong International, we prioritize safety and responsible gambling. We have mechanisms in place to ensure fair play and safety. Additionally, we provide suggestions and information to players about responsible and ethical gambling practices.

Sabong International

Join the Sabong International Community

"Don't hesitate to become part of Sabong International! Explore the joy of sabong without leaving your home. Invite your friends and family to join, and bet on your favorite roosters. We promise happiness, exciting matches, and a safe experience on our online platform. Come and start your Sabong International journey today!"

What is Sabong?

Sabong is a traditional Filipino game where roosters are pitted against each other in combat. It is typically held in sabungan arenas, where competitions take place.

How is Sabong Played?

In Sabong, two roosters engage in a fight. Players bet on their roosters in an arena, and the first rooster to win is declared the victor. The game consists of multiple rounds, with the rooster with the longest fighting time winning.

Where Can Sabong Matches Take Place?

Sabong matches are usually held in sabungan arenas or cockpits in various locations across the Philippines. Currently, there are online platforms that offer “online sabong,” allowing you to watch and participate in rooster fights over the internet.

What Is "Sabong International"?

“Sabong International” is a renowned brand that promotes cockfighting and sabong with international flair. They aim to bring the world of cockfighting to a broader community through their online platform.

Are There Rules and Regulations in Sabong?

Yes, there are rules and regulations governing Sabong. It must be conducted under legal ownership, with regulations concerning animal welfare and other aspects of gambling to be observed. Promoting responsible gambling and animal care is also crucial in the world of Sabong.